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If you have not already done so, please read our appraisal facts page for important appraisal information.


The DomainPond staff specializes in analyzing, researching and ranking various domain names in almost any business field.


Unlike our competitors, we provide you with the actual market value of your domain name and not some ridiculously high number that will raise your hopes by establishing a false sense of value.


Here are some ground rules used in every appraisal performed by our staff.


1. Identify Domain Name Type

Generally .com domain names hold a greater value then .net and .org.

2. Rank Language Usage, Length and Grammar

Determine if the words in your domain name are easy to understand and invoke an image when someone thinks about them. Determine what most people think about when they type in your domain name and the product that might be associated with that. Determine if the domain name is spelled correctly.

3. Determine Marketability

Our staff researches the field associated with your domain name and determines how well that field is doing in today's market.

4. Query Search Engines

We query some of the world's most popular search engines and determine how many times the keyword(s) within your domain name was searched for.

5. Research Competitors

We determine what field your domain best fits into and we research possible competitors in that field.

6. Find Possible Buyers

We will provide you with a list of Internet sources which may be interested in purchasing your domain name for the price we appraised it for.


Once we are done you will receive the following information via e-mail (assuming you purchased a Complete Appraisal):

  • Minimum Expected Market Value of your Domain Name
  • Maximum Expected Market Value of your Domain Name
  • Selected List of Sources we used for our research
  • Ranking and Explanations of the domains value based on our six step appraisal model.
  • List of your competitors and their web site (if applicable)
  • List of online sources you can use to sell your domain name for the price we appraised it for.
  • Raw information collected during research
  • Suggestion for possible use of domain name.
  • A certificate of Authentic Appraisal as a JPG file hosted on our server. You will also be able to link to a special page on our site which contains your domain name certificate and appraisal details.
  • A report clearly explaining our findings.


The appraisal reports will also be hosted on our server for a period of twelve months.


Click here to view a sample appraisal report .



Ready to find out the true value of your domain?

No other appraisal service comes even close to providing you with more detailed and more accurate domain name appraisals. Don't be fooled by 12 page reports generated by our competitors. The reports are simple templates into which your domain name is entered and electronically evaluated.



Order Complete Appraisal - $50 (Up to 48 hour wait)


Order Basic Appraisal - $10 (Domain Appraisal only. Up to 48 hour wait)



If you have any other questions please contact [email protected]


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