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DomainPond Certificate of Authentic Appraisal

Domain Name:

Appraisal Date: March 7, 2003 has been professionally appraised by the staff. The appraisal information is listed below. This page will remain in our database so you can point your potential buyers to the address below.


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Minimum Expected Market Value - $65

The minimum expected market value reflects the minimum amount the domain name could be sold for.


Maximum Expected Market Value - $580

The maximum expected market value reflects the maximum amount the domain name could be sold for.


Language Usage/Marketability - Marketable. General. Strong, one word domain.

The domain name lost some points based on the fact that it's a .net name and because it's Licensed not License. Nonetheless it is still a strong one word domain name with no spelling or grammar errors.


Search Engine Results- Keyword Licensed was Searched 607 times in April.

Licensed - 607 Count Search Term

Licensed Practical Nurse - 2809 Count Search Term

Licensed Professional Counselor - 1500 Count Search Term


The information above represents the amount of times the keyword associated with your domain name was searched for on,,, and other search engines within the last month.


Information Sources- Domain deAnalyzer, WebCrawler, Overture, MSN

Listed above are some of the few sources of information we used when researching your domain name. Domain deAnalyzer indicates a piece of software written by the DomainPond programming team which helps us find specific information on your domain name in various search engines.


Competitors - N/A (Licensed Practical Nurse) (COLFO online)


The links above indicate possible competitors. The reason we consider them possible competitors is because they come up most frequently on search engines when searched for Licensed. We suggest investing some money on advertising through


Possible Buyers - N/A in Sample

Not applicable in this sample. We cannot give out a list of potential domain buyers.


Suggestion for Possible Uses- Licensed Group

Attain a list of licensed professionals (Lawyers, Doctors, Carpenters, etc.) and sell their services on your site. Rare and specialty fields will pay most. Charge a small commission fee as well as a insertion fee for each client.


Raw Material - N/A in Sample

Not applicable in this sample.



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