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The Truth about Appraisal Services

We've all seen domain names appraised for outrageous amounts of money. Even random .coms supposedly holding ridiculous values of 20,000, 70,000, or 100,000 dollars. So why is it that when you try to sell your $70,000 appraised domain name you cannot even get a lousy $50?


The truth behind most appraisal services is that they provide you with false, imaginary, or over inflated values of your domain. In many cases, the actual market value, or the amount of money you might expect to receive if you were to sell your domain, is significantly lower then the appraised value.


This is done primarily for two reasons.


1. To make you feel good about your domain.

2. To drive more business.


Consider this, if a domain name you registered for $15 was appraised for $70,000 wouldn't you want to register more domains and appraise those as well? Wouldn't you want to spend some money posting your $70,000 domain on auction sites or domain sales sites?


Pretty soon you'd be an Internet billionaire, and that's exactly what appraisal services want you to think.


The truth isn't pretty, and if you've made the mistake of having your site appraised on one of those false-appraisal sites you're probably not too happy to hear this. Now that you know the truth about most appraisal services read on to learn how our appraisals work.



Our Philosophy

Our appraisal service is like nothing you've seen before.


We begin your appraisal campaign by researching your domain name based on the business field it fits into. We take into account the supply and demand for the product or service associated with your name. We check out the latest economical trend, and figure out how well the field linked with your domain is doing.


Next, we query some of the major search engines and determine how many times your domain, or the keyword within your domain, was searched for. We figure out who your competitors are and how to get ahead of them.


We then grade the name itself based on how smoothly it flows, the images that associate with it and ease of remembrance.


Finally we combine all of our research and appraise the domain for what it's really worth.


The final product will be a maximum expected market value, a minimum expected market value, a list of sources we used for our research, a list of Internet sources you may use to sell your domain name for the price we appraised it for, and raw information we collected as throughout the appraisal process.


To summarize, this is the our entire ten step appraisal process:


1. You submit your domain name for an appraisal.

2. We begin researching the field linked with your domain.

3. We learn about the current economical traits in that field.

4. We learn about the supply and demand for your domain and field.

5. We analyze how well the field linked with your domain is doing in the market.

6. We count how many times your domain/keyword appears in search engines.

7. We determine who your competitors are and how to get ahead of them.

8. We grade the domain name itself based on our grading criteria.

9. We combine the research and appraise the domain for its actual market value.

10. You receive:


- Maximum Expected Market Price

- Minimum Expected Market Price

- List of Sources we used for our Research

- List of Internet sources you may use to sell your domain.

- List of your competitors and their web site (if applicable)

- Raw information collected during research

- A certificate of Authentic Appraisal



If you're ready to find out what your domain name is really worth, click here.


Our cost per appraisal is $50, far less then most of our competitors charge. To appraise more than five names at a time please contact us to receive a special discount.


If you'd like to learn more about our appraisal process click here


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